We believe that the people we chose are key to the success of any hospitality operation. 

Tying together our experience in the industry and mentoring skills at the Chef Academy. We provide training programmes, practical reviews, development and assessments to all members of staff at any level/position with one to one tuition. Also making available to your business, the database of our graduated students.

For last decade we have been giving back to the industry the experience that was gather through the years teaching and mentoring culinary skills at the Chef Academy, more recently we have started doing front of house and full management courses.

We are extremely proud to say that we hold to this day a 100% success rate of employment of our students, among our ex graduates there are individuals now running six figures operations and others working in one and two Michelin stars establishments.

Also providing expertise on front of house management and developing the right steps of service according to the nature of the operation.

With our knowledge we can tailor individual training programs on and off site helping your staff achieve the standards your business needs.Providing great guest satisfaction its essential to any operation and the only way to achieve it in the hospitality sector is through training and recognition of all the people working in the business.