Ongoing costing reviews and seasonal menu designs to entice your guests and ensure the correct profit margins. Training staff to create and price menus.As we all know, in present times guests are spoiled for choice and there is so much of it in the catering market that one can be easily confused and sometimes misled or deceived.

From experience we know that an honest approach to a food or drink menu is the best way to design it, if we can afford it making profit and perform it without compromising the quality, it’s on the menu otherwise we leave it out.

Updating, transforming and sometimes radically changing, the menus its essential, and is the key factor that helps a business stay at peace with times and competitors.

Our database hosts a huge variety of successful dishes and beverage recipes and we can help with sourcing the ingredients at the best price.

Sober, appealing and effective is what we believe a menu design should be.

Helping you costing it all the way, maximising profit margins and minimizing wastages.